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Olive Oil & Seasonings - CAIXA Oli d'Oliva Verge Extra Mestral, sense filtrar, ampolla dòrica transparent, 750ml, CAT-ES - Mestral Cambrils

6 X Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mestral UNFILTERED 750ml PDO Siurana - 2022

Price per box of 6 units - 7.32Kg.
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Extra virgin olive oil from the unfiltered stream of green olives produced with olives of the Arbequina variety, it is oil from the 2022 harvest and is on sale in a limited way. Formerly known as first pressing oil or jet oil. It is the true juice of olives, a fresh, green oil with a unique texture.

The Cambrils Agricultural Cooperative has IFS (2018), DOP SIURANA and local product certifications. OOVE Mestral has a maximum acidity of 0.2% and has been produced with exhaustive temperature control.

Conservation considerations. Given its characteristics, it must be consumed within a period of 2-3 months or to extend its life it is recommended to transfer the oil (change the container and remove the deposits).
Nutritional information
Energy value 3441kJ / 837kcal, Fats 93g, of which saturated 13g, Carbohydrates 0g, of which sugars 0g, Proteins 0g, Salt 0g. Store in a dry, cool place and protected from light. Chemical analysis (maximum values): Acidity 0.2% | Peroxide index 15 meq/kg | K270 0.15 | Waxes 150 mg/kg.

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