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Pastisset pastry filled with pumpkin jam from Benet Bakery, 16 unid (800g)

Price by unit - 1.00Kg.
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Pastisset from the Benet bakery in Els Guiamets (Tarragona), is a pastry of unfermented dough filled with angel's hair (jam made from Siam Pumpkin), it is a typical sweet dough from the Tierras de l'Ebro (Tarragona).
Nutritional information
Ingredients: Wheat flour, angel hair, sugar, sunflower oil, mistela (sweet wine) and anise.

Nutritional information per 100g: Energy 1719 KJ (417 Kcal), fats: 18.30g of which 2.17g saturated, 4.98g monounsaturated and 11.15g polyunsaturated, Protein 3.83g, Carbohydrates: 58.23g of which sugars 31,80g. Dietary fiber 2.1g RGS 20.6143 / CAT

Contains Gluten, may contain traces of egg, milk and nuts