Olive oil mill


The oil of always, with today's technology

Our experience as oil producers and our commitment to excellence have led us to innovate continuously to offer a unique extra virgin olive oil. That’s why today we have one of the best mills in Catalonia, which allows us to control the entire oil production process with the utmost precision.


There is only a few hours between when the olive grower picks the olives and when they enter the mill to extract the oil. That is why we guarantee the freshness of the olives and that the oil has the flavour, aroma and properties of the freshly harvested olives.


When the olives brought to us by the olive farmer arrive at the mill, our Quality Department submits them to the laboratory in a strict selection and control process. Then they are pressed using only mechanical means with a scrupulous control of the temperature. This allows us to obtain a product with all the sensual and nutritional properties.


We use advanced technology to control the temperature and atmospheric isolation to maintain all the sensual and nutritional properties of our extra virgin olive oil throughout the campaign. In addition, our latest generation packaging has a high capacity to guarantee service to the most demanding markets. Finally, our Logistics Department, equipped with warehouses with palletized shelves, allows us to supply the products in a continuous flow.


In addition to obtaining a highly prized oil of the highest quality, our state-of-the-art facilities, controlled by the best professionals, have allowed us to obtain the quality and food safety certification (IFS Food). We are the first Mill in Catalonia to obtain this certification for the production and packaging of olive oil. In addition, we are strongly committed to sustainability, leading, along with three engineering companies, the LIFE COOP 2020 project, which transforms organic waste into renewable energy, with the consequent 20% saving in electricity consumption.


We work in sanitary conditions in accordance with the best quality standards to ensure that the oil remains just how it is when it first leaves the mill. Our highly qualified staff is always controling and trying to improve all the processes to guarantee a top quality product following the maximum food security standards, as proved by the certifications obtained throughout the years.