Our farmers


Being a farmer is ...

... taking care of the land and the nature that surrounds us.
... looking at the sky. And the weather information. And the weather radar on our mobiles.
... knowing how to use each drop of water efficiently.
... calculating the perfect moment to make the harvest. Or a little earlier.
... enjoying the first taste of the new olive oil.
... living with a commitment to the Earth.
... taking advantage of the last ray of sun over the tractor..
... seeing how life wakes up with the dawn.
... following traditions and taking advantage of state-of-the-art technologies.
... working an ancestral trade that is essential and vital.
Behind every bottle of Mestral oil there is a whole series of tasks that begin in the field, where our farmers work every day taking care of the olive trees. It is a traditional job that requires a lot of effort, but it has a reward: being in contact with nature, the landscape, the Mediterranean breeze ... and savouring our olive oil dipped in bread.
From the Neolithic times to the present, agriculture has been an effort and a passion; past and future. It is an indispensable job that can never be too highly valued. It is our culture, our tradition, and that is why it is important to take care of it and preserve it as a treasure. Our treasure.