Quality and food safety

Our commitment to quality, excellence and innovation is backed by certificates of renowned local and international prestige. Thanks to the efforts of our team of highly qualified professionals we always comply with the highest standards of safety and quality and push ourselves to continually improve.

D.O.P. Siurana

Protected Designation of Origin Siurana only certifies the best extra virgin olive oils from the territory

A designation of origin protects the name of a product originating in a specific geographical area. Its quality and characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to the geographical environment, meaning natural and human factors, in which production, transformation and elaboration take place. The DOP Siurana is the second oldest designation of origin for virgin olive oils in the State. It was created at the end of the 70s by a group of enterprising people in the olive sector, who believed in the need to protect and spread the singularities of an excellent oil, extracted from the Arbequina olive variety. Since 1979, the CR has overseen product quality and the promotion of the DOP Siurana seal Our oil owes its name to the Siurana River, a tributary of the Ebre River that originates in the Priorat region and flows through 3 of the 7 regions of our territory: Priorat, Tarragonès, Ribera d'Ebre, Alt and the Baix Camp, the Conca de Barberà and the Baix Penedès.


We are the first mill and packager in Catalonia with the IFS Food Certification

IFS Food is a food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies that produce food or pack food products. It focuses on the safety and food quality of the processed products, and achieves an improvement in good practices and the application of rules and procedures, by monitoring the compliance with food regulations, improving the use of resources, making independent external audits, achieving more flexibility and, finally, improving the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of high quality and safe products.


Our oil, with the most demanding international quality certification

This international stamp, agreed between producers, experts and consumers, certifies that the product meets quality requirements that are more stringent than those established by current regulations. This means the consumer is guaranteed that SIQEV oil has a high quality throughout the period of preferential consumption. It is a brave commitment that aims to respond to the consumers' demands nationally and internationally.


Our ecological production, certified

The ecological certification guarantees that the products have been produced or made in accordance with the rules of organic farming, and that they have been monitored throughout their production, processing, packaging and marketing processes. We have obtained the CCPAE certificate of Catalonia, which is approved by the European Union ES-ECO-019-CT.


We work with products and producers in the area

Local sales are the direct sale of agri-food products. This also refers to a production process that the groups of agricultural producers make in favour of the final consumer, directly or through intermediaries.