Market culture, direct sales

Our commitment to online sales has not made us forget about direct sales and contact with our customers. The Mediterranean culture is about markets and street life. We like to see, choose, touch and compare the products, as well as talk about them. Our shops are the perfect places for doing the daily shopping or filling the pantry.
Direct sales allow us to offer fresh products daily with a guarantee of local origin at a fair price for both the consumer and the producer. At the same time, we avoid the environmental and economic costs of transporting the products long distances. Without middlemen, we’re all winners. Visit us and check it out. We're waiting for you there!


The Cooperative Shop

Our shop, located on the road to Montbrió near the A-7, has a large 380 m2 window where you can see everything we do. Apart from selling our products, which you can also find in the online store, we offer you other products of proximity selected for their quality: fresh fruit and vegetables from our Fruit and Vegetable section, a selection of cheeses and cured meats, preserves, nuts, wines and sparkling white wines (cava) from other cooperatives and wineries with whom we make exchanges ... And much more!