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Butter Cookies of chocolate Pilaras Sesplugues 250 g

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Pilaras cookies are handmade butter cookies baked in our Sesplugues wood oven in Alcampell (Huesca). Put on sale in 2014 after several weeks researching with new elaborations to finally obtain a different cookie, with an original finish: its cornflakes cover.

The name Pilaras comes from the custom in small towns of calling each house by a name. The house where our facilities are located since 1929 has always been called the PILARA house.
Nutritional information
Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, sugar, egg, cocoa topping (cocoa powder, emulsifiers E322, E492 and flavor) Corn flakes 5% (corn, malt extract, salt, vitamin B6, emulsifier E471, folic acid, vitamin B12, biotin, iron and antioxidant (tocopherol)

Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 1,880 kJ (448 kcal), Fats 18g (of which saturated 12g), Carbohydrates 62g (of which sugars 27g), Dietary Fiber 4.8g, Proteins 7.5g, Salt 0.94g

Contains gluten, butter, egg, barley.