The Cambrils Cooperative presents single-dose Mestral oil and vinegar to adapt to COVID regulations19

This new format is designed both for the Horeca companies , which has received it with a very good acceptance, and for sale in retail

The Cambrils cooperative has begun marketing extra virgin olive oil and Mestral Grenache vinegar in single-dose formats, adapted to the new regulations for restaurants and hotels in response to the coronovarius pandemic.

From the Cooperativa de Cambrils we have adapted to the new regulations and the needs of the sector. During these days of confinement, many professional hospitality customers have asked us about these products and we have had to adapt quickly to the new times. A few weeks ago the sales and production team working on these new formats on Friday 5 June began marketing it.

The formats chosen are the 20 ml glass miniature for 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Oil and Grenache Vinegar. Masos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also presented in a 20 ml PET bottle in a more competitive format.

It is a local product, extra virgin olive oil from farmers farmers mostly from the terms of Cambrils and Vinyols i els Arcs, made in our mill under the IFS food quality certification that guarantees the processes and quality control strict from production to packaging.

This rapid adaptation to the needs of the market responds to the "Measures for the Reduction of SARS COV-2 coronavirus paper infection" of the Ministry of Health, published by the Institute for Tourism Quality, in the part corresponding to catering services in which states that "self-service products (napkins, chopsticks, setrilleras, setrills, etc.) must be eliminated, prioritizing single-dose single-use or their service in other formats by waiters at the customer's request" .

We also remind you that our oil has the certification of the Generalitat de Catalunya of local product and the quality certification of the extra virgin olive oil SIQEV from QVextra. From the Cooperative it is a question of offering a product with all the guarantees and an excellent good value for money, so that the restaurateurs in our area can offer a product from our house at their tables.