The Cambrils Cooperative already offers new 2021 oil filtered at the Agrobotiga and in orders via the web

This will be the first olive campaign in which the new company created by the Cambrils Cooperative and the Migasa Group will come into operation

With the new company, in addition to the members of the Cooperative, the farmers who so wish will be able to take the olives to the Cambrils oil mill

Last Monday, October 19, the first Arbequina olives entered the Cooperative's oil mill, in a campaign that is expected to be abundant and long in duration and with novelty for the Cambrils Cooperative. It is about the entry into operation of the new company created by the Cooperative and the Migasa group that will allow not only to allow the olives of the members, but also to open the possibility for other farmers in the surroundings to do so with a start firm to make Cambrils a benchmark in the production and marketing of local extra virgin olive oil.

Likewise, unfiltered green olive oil has already been put on sale, a product much loved by consumers and that can only be enjoyed during the next few weeks both in the Agrobotiga, and on our website www.mestralcambrils.com until the middle December approximately. This very special and at the same time so desired product is also exported to places like France, Belgium and Switzerland where little by little they know this product as ours as jet oil.

Likewise, we have already made new filtered oil available to our customers, a highly valued product with highly appreciated organoleptic properties.

Likewise, during these days the cooperative continues with the preparations for the renewal of the IFS quality certification, still being the only oil mill in Catalonia that has achieved this certification for 3 years in both production and packaging of extra virgin olive oil and oils. infused. This is a staging to offer the consumer a quality product with food excellence.